02 November 2009

Game #8 - the final game

We won!

Game #8
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It was an exiting game. Very well played by both teams, we did fall behind at one point, but we quickly retook the lead and then kept it. We'd get a touchdown and they'd get a touchdown, then we'd get another touchdown and so on. Gramma Barbara and Grampa Alan were able to make it out to watch the last game with us.

Game #8
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OH - and we found out today that our team nearly made it to the playoffs!!! If we had won one more game this season we would have gone to playoffs! That is so cool. Adam was really excited (and then a tad disappointed and then a tad relieved) about that bit of news.

I'm going to miss football. Robert said he will too - he won't miss sitting at practices freezing his butt off, but he'll miss football games. Maybe Adam will want to play again next year...

I guess last Monday was a particularly muddy football practice (Adam missed it because he was sick) and the boys left the field dripping in mud because they were running and sliding through a mud puddle to see who went further (sounds fun for the kids, not so fun for the parent's cars). One boy said the next day that it was the first time he washed his practice uniform because his mom made him. 3 months of sweat and dirt, and SWEAT! Boys are gross.

Adam was telling us that Saturday while on the field, setting up for a play, he farted and a couple boys from the opposing team started laughing. They got yelled at by their quarterback to "Shut up and get ready..." Adam thought it was hilarious! The new secret weapon.

Game #8
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No pictures right now. I have the ones picked out that I wanted to share and are waiting to be uploaded as soon as I remedy my Flickr Uploadr problem (see previous post) we will have pictures here. With my new camera I have been taking TONS of pictures (like over 500 just this weekend) and it can be difficult to pick out specific ones to share. I like flipping through really quickly, like a cartoon flip-book type thing.

Come back soon for pictures :)

EDIT: As you can see, pictures have been added. More pictures are always available on Flickr. And as a side note, while adding pictures to this post I accidentally deleted a portion of the text. That I wrote yesterday. That I don't have any other backups of. And while blogger' automatically saving so I don't lose something is helpful most of the time, I really really really want back the last 15 seconds! I think I need to step away from the computer for awhile. I'm adding back in what I remember of what I wrote, so if you read it before and it sounds funny now, now you know why. Ooh oooh ooh, good news. It didn't update to my facebook notes yet, so I was able to go steal the text from there. HA!!! Take that blogger!

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