18 November 2009

Why today sucks!

I can be a tad forgetful. I know that. My kids know that. Robert knows that. All my friends know that. Everyone knows that. I'm okay with it, and I'm working on it.

But still, being a tad forgetful does not mean I will forget every single thing that I'm told.

Things I will easily forget:

  • Birthdays of new acquaintances. I'll need to know you at least 2 years before I can faithfully remember your birthday.
  • Addresses (unless I have lived there recently)
  • Phone numbers. I use to be able to recall phone numbers for tons of people and even multiple numbers for some. Now if I lose my cell phone, and the address book in it, I'm screwed...
  • Names of the people I hung out with in high school. I remember the people, the names - not so much.
  • Appointments made for myself. I don't usually forget the kids appointments.
  • To return phone calls. This is a toss-up. Sometimes I will remember to return a call no problem, other times I'll remember like 3 weeks later.
  • Sending out birthday cards - I'm working on this one, but have YET to succeed in it. Most times I am sending them out AFTER the birthday.
  • Grocery items that I did not put on the grocery list
  • To use a coupon

  • That you are coming over to my house, especially ESPECIALLY if it is to watch my kids, take me somewhere, or happens to be for a birthday/holiday function hosted at my house. And I do not need 50 calls in the span of an hour to remind me that you're coming over to my house and will be there in an hour or at a previously determined time.
  • What you are getting one of the kids or Robert as a gift. Returning accidentally doubled-up on items isn't fun so I try to avoid it. Also, the wish lists I give out DO NOT contain anything I've decided to buy because of the trying to avoid accidentally doubling up on gifts.
  • Olives. Thanks to telling people I don't need olives for the party/dinner and still being brought olives, I will never ever again forget to have olives in my pantry.
Other things that ruin the day - okay, most of these have been building and building and today have just become too much...

That I am not going to get any credit again. I just know it. I'm not doing anything big, but I know I will not get any credit at all for what I am doing.

Inviting yourself to the party I'm throwing through someone else.

Not asking if I had plans with my kids for the weekend before ANNOUNCING that you have plans with MY KIDS! And I can't complain. For years and years when the kids where younger I wanted needed to be able to get a break from being a mom and couldn't get it - and now, I can't make any plans with my kids w/o consulting everyone else. But I can't complain because I'm getting a break.

I found out today I'm missing an item for dinner tomorrow, and instead of calling someone up and asking for help I am going to go to the store for that one item. Why? Because I am tired of being treated like I can't do anything right. If I call someone up to ask for that ONE STUPID FREAKING ITEM it will encourage the treating me like I'm incompetent. If I say I don't need you to bring anything to dinner for Pete's sake DO NOT ASK 20,000,000 MORE TIMES! (Even if I actually do need you to bring something. I don't want to be incompetent, and I really don't want to be treated like I am.)

Having the ability to go for a date night, and not having anything to do. And having to always come up with date night plans just to have EVERY SINGLE idea shot down.

Asking someone to go do something with me to be told no and then to be told moments or days later that they are going to do the suggested activity with someone else. Am I not good enough?

Note: I have exaggerated for dramatic effect, unfortunately I don't need to exaggerate much...

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