04 December 2009

The tale of two ovens. . .

My old, worn out, possessed oven.

The oven that jumps 300 degrees in 30 seconds.  That had uneven burners and one that didn't work at all.

The one that boiled the pumpkin pie, cook brownies in 15 minutes, and burn anything you don't watch like a hawk.

The one that is a bit of a fire hazard...

The landlord told us to find a new Whirlpool oven and he would get it for us.

So we did.  We looked around and compared prices and found a nice cheap one and gave him a call.

He went down to the appliance store and found a cheaper one.  We had done our research on the internet and apparently the cheapest online is not the absolute cheapest they have. 

The new oven. (Before install)

The delivery guys weren't able to install the oven because it is hardwired to the wall (no plug).  So it had to wait until Robert got home.

When he did get home and pulled out the old to put in the new he found that the old oven wasn't grounded properly.  So basically we could have been shocking the crap out of ourselves for the past 5 years. . . NICE!

Not happy about that one, my kids have used it.

The new oven is in and is grounded properly. YAY Robert!

There is 1 big burner and 3 small ones, and no window in the oven door - two cons for me.  And it's white.  Do you know how hard it is to keep white clean! I don't like sucks!

I've been trying to hold judgement until extensive testing on it has been done and seeing how it performs - or doesn't perform.

I've made a few dinners and made some brownies - the jury is still out.  The night I made the brownies, about 20 minutes after I started them everyone started crowding the kitchen.  Where's the brownies?  I smell them so they must be done.  They took 40 minutes to cook.  People weren't happy about that.  That is just too long to wait for brownies.

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