10 December 2009

Why do they have to grow so darn fast!

When dropping the kids off at school yesterday morning, as I watched them walk towards the entrance, I notice Carus's socks. 

I shouldn't notice her socks, but I did because her pants were high waters.

And by high waters I mean - almost capris.  There was a good 2-1/2 to 3 inches from shoes to pants.

I swear those pants fit her last week!

Also outgrown this week:
By Carus - About half her shirts.  They are turning into middriff showing shirts.  Not good for a 2nd grader.  Not good for winter.
By Adam - His shirts too.  Not quite middriff showing, but definitely shorter than they should be.
By Adam - Winter coat, well actually he outgrew it last year sometime and since our winters are "normally" mild we just outfitted him with an old coat of Robert's that was too big.  This year, that coat of Robert's - yeah, it fits...

I'm pretty sure someone needs new shoes - probably both, but I'll wait until their toes are sticking out the end.  I give that 2 hours! HA!

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