17 December 2009

The golden age

We are in the golden age.  When body parts and their functions are funny.

Wait, aren't you suppose to 'outgrow' that humor?

The other day Robert was helping Adam clean out his toys.  He found so many dirty socks it isn't funny.

See I told you my ability to get laundry done in a timely manner had nothing to do with his lack of socks.

While picking up the toys that weren't broken Robert was pointiing out the nerf balls that go to one of Adam's nerf guns that he was to pick up and said, "you have balls there, and there, and there."

To which Carus replied, "Heh, balls." (Boo, writing it out just doesn't do it justice....)

Decorating the Christmas tree later that evening continued the theme.

Me: "Adam, do you want to hang a red ball?"

Adam: "hahahahahahha"

Carus: "I have a lot of green balls to hang."

Don't even get me started on the word 'fart'.

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  1. Sounds like my husband and my boys - the youngest of which is 17. They never outgrow that humor.

    Thanks for being willing to send a card. I couldn't find your email. If you can send that then I'll send the information for the girl. You are a sweetie!

    Merry Christmas!


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