26 December 2009

Happy birthday Carus!


Hope you have fun today!  Love you!

We kept the tradition of going to Chuck E Cheese for Carus's birthday party, though this year it was just family.

Next month (and year) we will have a 'friend' party - probably a sleepover.

I know we don't have long until she is too old to go to Chuck E.

We don't get a bday package - we just show up with our group, our gifts, and a cake.  We order some pizza and usually a salad or two and some drinks and then get a ton of tokens.  We hand out the tokens a few at a time, no more than 10, and that way the kids come back to the table every few minutes for a check in, a chance to eat, and rounding up for the opening of presents and singing of happy birthday.

A few more pictures from the party can be found on Flickr.

This picture was edited with my new software (photoshop elements 8).  I think I did okay, it was easy - remove red eyes, little crop, and warmed it up. I have sooooo much to learn yet!


  1. I think it looks great!!!
    Happy Birthday Carus!


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