31 December 2009

He made me cry!

Look what Adam gave me for Christmas -

Adam's calendar gift - Front

A handmade calendar.

With a different picture for every month.

Adam's calendar gift - January
Adam's calendar gift - February

January and February.  This might be the last time I get a paint print of his hands.

Adam's calendar gift - March
March came with a poem.  A poem that made me cry as I tried to read it aloud Christmas morning.

Adam was very happy with himself for being able to make me cry.

And I think it makes the gift extra special.

Adam's calendar gift - Close up of March's poem
"I am an older brother, and a kind person.
I wonder when life will be found on another planet.
I hear songs all around me.
I see life story's unfold.
I want for peace to last forever.
I am an older brother, and a kind person.

I pretend for every game.
I feel the pain of others.
I touch my inner thoughts.
I worry species will end.
I cry when they do end.
I am an older brother, and a kind person.

I understand the problems of our environment.
I say we can fix them all.
I dream when that day will come.
I try to make it come quicker.
I hope others will help.
I am an older brother, and a kind person.


Adam's calendar gift - April

April is really spring-y.

Adam's calendar gift - May

And so was May.

Adam's calendar gift - May's poem close up

And May brought another poem.

Adam's calendar gift - June
Adam's calendar gift - July
June is bright and July is patriotic.
Adam's calendar gift - August
August feels beach-y.  Its a good month to visit the beach.

Adam's calendar gift - SeptemberSeptember brings school and a fall sense poem.

"Fall is orange.
It sounds like busy squirrels.
It tastes like pumpkin pie.
And smells like turkey.
Fall looks like read leaves.
it makes me feel the comfortable chill in the air.


Adam's calendar gift - October

October with a scary monster (or bat) and a happy jack-o-lantern for Halloween.

Adam's calendar gift - NovemberNovember with leaves and a poem about pugs.

flat, faced
currly, tailed, snoring,
somehow they are cute,


Adam's calendar gift - December
December - Christmas tree, gingerbread man, snow and snow man, COMPLETELY feels like December.

All the months really feel like those months.  The colors he chose.

The pictures he chose/drew.

They all feel just right.

The back of the calendar.  I made it big so you can see what he wrote. 
Adam's calendar gift - The back
The goofiness of it is so 'Adam'. 

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