30 December 2009


We got snow yesterday! It was a surprise snow, which is usually how it happens around here.  The weather forcasters said it was going to rain with perhaps a few flakes thrown in there.

At first it didn't look like it was going to stick . . .

As soon as it started sticking the kids came out of the houses, bundled up and ready for some fun! 

Right to left is Carus and her friend S who was visiting when the snow started, a neighbor friend H and her visiting friend H.

Snowball fights were starting and stopping all day. At first it looked like it was girls against boys.  But before long it became clear that it was a free for all.  One boy (not mine) was overheard saying to another boy "I want to get my sister right in the face."  And the screams he caused attempting to achieve that was heard around the neighborhood.

After long the kids started to team up to build snow forts and snowmen.

It snowed nonstop for about 5 hours and the kids were out for most of it.  I made them come in and thaw out with some hot cocoa (I know, mean mommy) for about 20 minutes halfway through.  They chugged their cocoa as fast as they could and ran back out . . .

The snowball fights continued to break out.  Adam and Carus - I think that blur was a combination of them throwing their snowballs at each other at the same time.

Adam is in the black coat and is going up against L in the grey sweatshirt.

Favorite pic of the day.  Taken about 4:30ish and the sun was pretty much gone so I had to use the flash to get the action.  B is the boy about to throw a snowball at/on L.

This was taken about 3:30 pm when it slowed for a few moments.  It got a bit thicker - I would say we have had 5 inches of snow.  It is already melting and it is so slushy outside right now.

I think it was a very great way to end the year and the end of the kids Winter break (they go back to school Monday). I wish we could get two snow days, but one was nice.

I need to order a rain sleeve for my camera - I was using a grocery bag for a bit to keep it dry, but it was hard to keep it from falling in front of the lens.  Then I was using an umbrella, but it was hard to balance the umbrella and focus the camera at the same time.

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  1. who believes the weather men these days???

    happy new year


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