24 December 2010

Happy Christmas Eve!

Last day of this 7 days run; the next one is in the spring I believe.

Also, last day before Christmas day. This year anyways.  Instead of writing 1 on our countdown chalkboard the kids put 366 days until next Christmas.  Already starting another countdown.

Carus 7days; day 7
I helped Carus take her 7 days photo today because she wanted to take it with Yoda and he doesn't cooperate enough for many outtakes. 

She is still sick, but we've got more meds in her as well as some Emergen-C and we hope she will be feeling better tomorrow morning... or at least not any worse.  It would suck to be sick on Christmas, hopefully we can keep her from being too bad off. 

I love the magic, the excitement you can feel in the air leading up to Christmas.  It gets stronger and stronger the closer we get to the big day, but today especially felt different.  Felt more exciting, more magic.

There is another magic that I still feel, this special magic that surrounds children on Christmas; but it fades as kids get older.  Adam and Carus will soon be at the age where Santa will become less a magical person that brings them gifts for being good and more the spirit of the season that he is for adults. He might already be becoming that for Adam, but I'm not sure. He vocalizes more and more his questioning. I'm not sure when to explain to him who old St. Nick really is, what he truly did and does, and what he means. I am pretty sure that Carus still believes more than she doesn't. I know there are TV shows and books and peers that might suggest otherwise, but a counter to all that there are the TV shows, books, and peers (as well as parents and grands) that still encourage the belief.

Becca 7days; day 7 005

My 7 days photo was a family Christmas Eve photo.  This was the 4th try, which isn't bad when coordinating 4 people and 1 dog with a 10 second timer on the camera.

I'm so very excited for Christmas tomorrow.  I'm excited for the kids, for the festivity, for the kids reactions to their gifts, to see if Robert likes what he got, to see what I got, but mostly I'm excited for us to spend our first Christmas in our first home as a family. It means so much to me.

Now I'm off to watch some Christmas movies with the kids before setting out Santa's cookies and milk and getting them in bed.  I hope I can sleep (I have so much trouble sleeping on Christmas Eve, always have).

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope everyone has a truly wonderful day!

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