28 December 2010

Colds still suck

Except that I left work early and after making lunch I'm taking a nap.  Naps are good. Mmm nap.

Hopefully the kids will continue to get along and not decide to start fighting (please no fighting).  Yay that Robert is home this week and he can be referee.

To top off the stuffy head, sneezing, coughing, headache, and general ickyness - I have (sorta) lost my voice.  I can squeak like every third word.  Remember that episode of Friends when Pheobe got sick and her voice was all sexy because of it.  Um, yeah, so that is totally not me.  I sound awful, especially trying to yell across the house for someone to bring me a blankie.

I just texted Robert in the other room. 

And you guessed it, because I'm still sick I still haven't gotten around to uploading pics.  Maybe I can get to it after my nap.

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