29 December 2010


Feeling better today.

My throat is still incredibly sore, but I have most of my voice back.  Especially after yelling at the kids to stop fighting and/or screaming today.  That really helps bring a voice back.  Or makes it go away more. Right now - going strong.  But talking takes a lot out of me.

BUT instead of getting pictures off my camera like I want to. You know, before they're a week old, but I decided to go grocery shopping and make sure we have food so like we can eat dinner, and other meals.  Especially if we get snowed in.

Oh yeah, snow.  So we had some snow last night, but it didn't stick around and I barely saw any traces by the time I got up this morning.  Then it snowed for a few minutes here and there for most part of the morning.

And then the sun came out and it was bright and shiny.  Especially where it was reflecting off the melted snow/rain puddles.  Then it started raining in front of the house, but not raining in the back of the house.  (It's amusing when it does that.)  Oh, and the sun was still out.  So it was raining, but the sun was out...okay weirdo weather.

But still no snow on the ground.  Carus and I went and got hair cuts (spoiler alert - I cut off quite a bit) and went grocery shopping.  When we left the grocery store, we were getting snowed on. 

Big, fat, fluffy flakes.  That stuck to our sweaters and hair and groceries and the car. 

YAY for Jeeps and 4-wheel drive - I do not worry about me getting stuck in the snow or slipping (too much).  Others slipping and sliding into me, that's a whole new kettle of fish. (Been there, done that, still have issues, don't wanna do it again.)  Okay, yeah, I don't have a lot of snow driving experience so I do have some concerns about me; just not a lot.

We didn't get far before the snow stopped though. And then it started again. And it was sticking.  There was a nice dusting over the roads, sidewalks, parked cars, grass, etc. And then it stopped again.

Boo :(

Its okay though.  I think it might start back up again tonight and tomorrow we will wake to a couple feet of snow to play in (hoping hoping hoping hoping hoping).

NOW I'm off to bed so it can start snowing.

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