07 December 2010

18 days!

We took the kids shopping for each other tonight.  We kept it easy and went to Walmart, Robert took Adam and I took Carus and we let them pick out a gift to each other. 

They both wanted to get each other a bunch of things they know the other wants but we kept it at one gift.  I will add their names to one of the gifts we got for them too, but this is something from just them.  I like how it makes them think of the others likes and dislikes - and I love how much they really care about each other and want to get them a really special gift. 

Robert also picked up Carus's birthday gift and I attempted to grab some stockings stuffers.  Carus kept spotting them in the cart or caught me "looking" at them so I had to have Robert (who finished before me) come and get her to wait in the car with him.

Shopping is just what I needed today, I wish I could've done more :P

18 more days until Christmas! (It's actually closer to 17, but we'll pretend)

I am so very excited!

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