18 December 2010

7 days and 7 days

7 days until Christmas.

I need to sit down and do these a lot earlier in the day.  10 minutes until tomorrow, really cutting it close...but I made cinnamon rolls and played monopoly.

And the beginning of 7 days on Flickr. When taking my picture today Carus asked what I was doing and then asked if she could play along. 
7 days; day 1

I explained the rules and then showed her how to use the timer on my little point and shoot camera and let her take as many pictures as she wanted. 

Here is the picture she chose for today.
7 days; day 1

I'll share some of the 'outtakes' at the end of 7 days.  There were a couple I really liked. But they're not for now.

Heh, now its 8 minutes...

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