10 March 2011

Mid week 365

67/365 - I went to bed Sunday night with a slightly sore throat and woke up completely stuffed up, throat on fire, head pounding, and feeling crummy.  I called in sick to Jury duty and then found a doctor to see if it was strep throat so I could get antibiotics sooner rather than later.  It turned out not to be strep, but because my ears and throat didn't look good and my lungs were a bit wheezy she gave me antibiotics anyways. This was what I took Monday - except the Dayquil, that was for the rest of the week.  And then I slept all day.

So far I've gotten the worst of it; Carus missed one day of school, but didn't get too bad. Adam had a sore throat yesterday morning but it hasn't gotten worse, and Robert has just been extra tired (and cranky).
67_365 03-07-11

68/365 - Adam
68_365 03-08-11

69/365 - The first daffodil is up and blooming. Does that mean spring is here?
69_365 03-09-11

70/365 - Can you guess what we've been watching lately.  Bonus points if you can!
70_365 03-10-11

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