20 March 2011

7 days, days 1 and 2

Little catch up for the 7days photos that started yesterday.

We went to a horse show yesterday in Albany.  Got a bonus of a mini road trip. I love road trips and technically this was my very first one I have ever driven myself. It was a 2 hour drive each way, so not that bad. Our neighbor/friend was showing in the Rhinestone Cowgirls Drill Team (think synchronized swimming on horseback). And I have video of that - and will show it, just be patient with me.

Carus stayed true to the rules while Adam and I were rebels. She took her picture. 

Carus's 7day, day 1. Reflection in horse cut out.
7days day 1 (Carus)

Adam's 7 day, day 1. I helped Adam take his picture because horses are not known to hold still long enough for camera timers.  This is Rikki, a Fresian and a very big horse (and gorgeous)! He and his rider are with the Black Pearl Friesians
7days day 1 (Adam)

Becca's 7days, day 1. Since I helped Adam with his 7days photo I had him help me with mine. What I did a lot of yesterday, driving. 
7days day 1 (Becca)

Day 2 has a theme of down.

Adam's 7days, day 2. Upside down in a spoon.
7days day 2 (Adam)

Carus's 7days, day 2. Hanging upside down off a bed.
7days day 2 (Carus)

Becca's 7days, day 2. Feeling down while going grocery shopping.  This is also my 365 for today. I think it is 80/365.
7days day 2 (Becca)

Night folks!

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