22 March 2011

7 days, days 3 and 4

"Halfway" through and I'm caught up.

Carus, day 3.
7days day 3 (Carus)

Adam, day 3.
7days day 3 (Adam)

Becca, day 3 and 81/365 - I worked at the hospital yesterday. Its a nice change from routine. Can you see me?
7days day 3 (Becca 81_365)

Becca, day 4 and 82/365 - Making dinner, skillet lasagna.
7days day 4 (Becca 82_365)

Adam, day 4 - Eating dinner.
7days day 4 (Adam)

Carus, day 4 - Bedtime reading, Pugsly.
7days day 4 (Carus)

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