13 March 2011

Lazy weekend

We've had a lovely lazy lazy weekend and did a whole bunch of noda damn thing.  We went out to dinner Saturday night, watched Toy Story 3 (first time - we are behind in movie watching) and enjoyed that.  Today I took the kids to Barnes & Noble to spend some gift cards they got for Christmas (thanks Dave & Eula!)(it's not close so it takes a specific trip to go, that's what took so long). They loved it, spent all of their gift cards and then some...and still had books and things they wanted to buy.  Carus would find a book or two go around a corner and find more.

I did do dishes and laundry so I did do some work this weekend...

We have a busy week ahead with jury duty, work, extra training at work, parent/teacher conferences, soccer practice, work meeting downtown, beginning of spring break with the kids only having 3 days of school this week and that is just me and the kids. Robert's got his own work drama.  Because of all that is looming I really enjoyed the laziness so much that I didn't make a menu up or go grocery shopping.  Will cook off of what we have so far. I have a good stock pile of meats in the freezer from meat sales and I will probably only need to pick up one or two things...if that.

So far the menu this week (because I had to get meat out of the freezer to thaw) we will have:

Monday - BBQ chicken legs and thighs
Tuesday - Something beef? maybe chicken?
Wednesday - Crockpot pork chops (something I wanted and this is the only day it would work)

And that's as far as I have gotten...

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