27 March 2011

Can I get a HAIL yeah?

Carus had a friend over yesterday and they were digging in the dirt when they found this earthworm which they quickly named David and then played with him for hours. I made them let him go when they came in.

03-26-11 017

Yesterday between rainshowers which is normal of Oregon's spring weather we had some sun breaks and we did some yardwork, which made this weekend feel uber productive. During one of the sun breaks we happened to be inside for a break or drink of water or something and we ended up sunning ourselves on the living room floor with the kitties...and then goofing around with the camera.

03-26-11 (86_365)

And between the rainshowers and sun we got a hail storm. It was coming down really hard and fast and quickly turned the ground white...flashback to winter and snow storms.

Not snow, hail

87/365 - Adam and Robert putting together Adam's new bed frame we found via Craigslist. We upgraded him to a full sized bed a few weeks ago and have FINALLY found a frame we liked, that was sturdy, and wasn't incredibly expensive. YAY Craigslist!

03-27-11 (87_365)

I rearranged and cleaned up my "office" today. Hoping this setup works better for me.

03-27-11 office

PS. The pictures aren't showing up for me right now, hope they are for you. If they are not, try back tomorrow, Flickr might be a smidge overloaded and that could be causing the problems.

Or view them Flickr.

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