21 March 2011

365 last week

76/365 - Carus at soccer practice
76_365 03-16-11

77/365 - Making dinner with the kids. We made this.  Needs a little less green onions.
77_365 03-17-11

78/365 - My friend's dog Ricky.
78_365 03-18-11

My 7days photos day 1 and 2 are 79 and 80. They can be seen here in this post.

I'll show 81 tomorrow when I upload today's 7days photos.

But for now - random pictures!
Soccer practice:
03-16-11 (11)

Ricky grinning for her ball:
03-18-11 (1) copy

Pretty Monet:
03-18-11 (8) copy

And one more:
03-18-11 (14) copy

Itty bitty Cisco:
03-18-11 (16) copy

Cisco and Monet are my friend's dogs too.

Soccer practice today. LOOKIE LOOKIE LOOKIE We have blue sky!!!
03-21-11 004

There was a bit of sun too. No body better jinx it away!

Now off to comment on a few 7days portraits. Been looking forward to it all day!

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