02 March 2011

Snow day part 2

We got snow yesterday.  We woke up to about 3-4 inches and school was delayed, soon after waking it started snowing some more so they canceled school.  The kids enjoyed that.  Our second snow day in the past week... they say we will be getting spring weather now, but we'll see.

A panaramic view from our front window of the neighborhood about 7:30 in the morning.
Snow day panarama

60/365 - Monday night, Timmy playing with a ball I crotched for him.  He likes yarn but tries to eat it which isn't good for him so this way he can play with it and not swallow it. 
60_365 02-28-11

61/365 All three kitties looking out the window at all the snow.  I didn't see a bird or anything moving..but maybe they did.  In order of appearance:  Wilbur, Timmy, and Simba.
61_365 03-01-11

Yesterday I had Adam let Simba back in the house and he stepped outside and was out there for a bit, I thought he was messing with the cat or something, but later when I went to let the dog out I found his message in the snow.
03-01-11 (13)

62/365 - Simba LOVES his kitty treats.
62_365 03-02-11

This was taken with my phone on the way to jury duty last week.

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