23 March 2011

7 Days, day 5 UP

Today's 7days photo was to have a theme and the theme was Up.

Adam and Carus helped each other take their photos today and the squinty faces are from the sun (OMG SUN!) being in their eyes.

Carus found inspiration from the movie UP and balloons and I think Adam was doing a play on the I'm with stupid. (I'm with up, he's up...get it?)

Day 5, Up by Carus
7days day 5 UP Carus (6)

Day 5, Up by Adam
7days day 5 UP (1)

Day 5, Up by Becca and my 83/365.  And while there was sun today, I did have to put UP my umbrella for Carus's soccer practice this afternoon.
7days day 5 UP (Becca 83_365)

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