22 January 2010


Last night I found myself wishing that sometimes our day-to-day lives were being taped for a reality television show.  Not because I actually wanna be on TV - the camera adds 10 pounds, and I just don't need that!  But because then some of the funniest things that my husband and kids do could be captured. Not to mention the priceless please-God-let-me-remember-that things the kids do and say.

Last night we had one of those funny moments -

Robert: "...we're invited to his video game party in a few weeks"

(Note: The 'his' in this sentence refers to Robert's friend Gizmo Guy.  Side note: YAY for all geeks, nerds, and gamers!)

Now camera, pan to Adam.  Adam, who has started hyperventilating and bouncing with his eyes popping out of his head and is just dying for the statement that says he gets to go too.

Disclaimer: Adam's excitement of being at a party where the sole purpose is to play video games may have been substantially increased over the fact that he has been grounded for 2 weeks for slacking on his responsibilities (minus the time where he was released on parole but got himself re-grounded in mere minutes).

The end

Yeah, I'm not the greatest storyteller - that's why it would be great if we had cameras going around recording us....well maybe. I like to pick my nose in private.


  1. Hahaha! That's so funny!

    I wish the same thing, sometimes. Although, I think it would be better if our eyes could somehow record everything (that way we don't get caught picking our noses...)



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