24 October 2011

A lot of animals and a little girl too

293/365 - Friend's new horse, Starlett.

By the time Friday rolled around, it had been a VERY long week and a VERY long day. I needed a break.  I threw dinner together and ran away for a couple hours with a friend to the barn to meet her new horse.

Ahhh, barn smells and horses...
293_365 10-21-11

294/365 - Sleepy Timmy
294_365 10-22-11

295/365 - Carus's Halloween costume is coming along nicely.  She wasn't happy about trying it on and me taking a picture.  There are a few things I'm not happy with, but I'm not sure I can fix it... I'll try. Just one week left until Halloween.
295_365 10-23-11

296/365 - Pretty puppy
296_365 10-24-11

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