02 October 2011


272/365 - Bedtime snack - milk and cookies mmmm
272_365 09-30-11

Waaaayyy back in April we got a Groupon for a great deal on the Oregon Coast Aquarium and it expires October 4th, so this was kinda our last weekend to, we went. Off to Newport!

273/365 - We stopped in Lincoln City for lunch on the beach.  What a great view to have while eating.
273_365 10-01-11

My favorite things at the aquarium were the shark tunnel and the sea nettles.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a good picture of the sharks, but they were really cool.

I did get one of the nettles. They are so lovely.
10-01-11 (136) copy

Starfish just hanging around.
10-01-11 (142) copy

We enjoyed the aquarium, however, I am so.glad. we didn't pay full price to go.  Adult tickets are $15.95 each, Adam is youth age now so his would have been $13.95, and Carus is lucky enough to still be "cheap" at $9.95.  Those prices are RIDICULOUS! We were there about 45 minutes and saw everything there was to see... totally worth the $25 Groupon, totally not worth full price (IMO).

Road trip naps on the way home.
10-01-11 (162)

10-01-11 (163)

274/365 - Making a mess in someone else's kitchen.  A friend and I canned some tomatoes and made some roasted marinara sauce.
274_365 10-02-11

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