20 October 2011


When doing school work with Carus this morning (which, by the way, she is zooming through and I'm sure that has nothing to do with the fact that she wants to go to the Pumpkin Patch with her school today and meet her teacher) she had some poems to read that I liked and wanted to share.

Some People by Rachel Field

Isn't it strange some people make
You feel so tired inside,
Your thoughts begin to shrivel up
Like leaves all brown and dried!
But when you're with some other ones, 
It's stranger still to find
Your thoughts as thick as fireflies
All shiny in your mind!

Thoughts on Talkers
by Walter R. Brooks

Some people talk in a telephone
And some people talk in a hall; 
Some people talk in a whisper, 
And some people talk in a drawl; 
And some people talk-and-talk-and-talk-and-talk-and-talk
And never say anything at all.

Ten Kinds
by Mary Mapes Dodge

Winnie Whiney, all things grieve her; 
Fannie Fibber, who'd believe her?
Lotty Loozem, late to school, sir; 
Albert Allplay, quite a fool, sir;
Kitty Kissem, loved by many; 
George Grump, not loved by any; 
Ralph Ruff--beware his fist, sir;
Tillie Tattle, like a blister; 
Gus Goodactin, bright and cheery; 
Sammy Selfish, sour and dreary.
Do you know them, as I've sung them?
Easy 'tis to choose among them.

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