08 October 2011

Fall is here

277/365 - Fall morning.  Fog is just starting to pull back. It had recently rained. Trees are starting to turn. Gorgeous. I'm enjoying the cooler weather and drizzles and foggy mornings.
277_365 10-05-11

278/365 - Wilbur
278_365 10-06-11

279/365 - Hair bow.  Carus and I had come across some how-to videos for some pretty hair styles thanks to the rabbit holes* of Pinterest and YouTube and this one seemed quick and easy - and it was - so I pulled her hair up into a hair box really quickly during my lunch break, and then popped off a few shots.  I LOVED how cut it was! AND she let me play with her hair!!!
279_365 10-07-11

280/365 - The aftermath of making cookies and brownies for a friends wedding next weekend.  And this is after clean up (thanks Barb!).  The two foil pans in the middle are the cookies, ready for the freezer (so they last until next weekend).  The brownies are in the pans still.  My MIL Barbara and friend J came over and helped mix and bake 2 batches chocolate chips (one with nuts, one without), 1 batch Mexican wedding cookies, 2 batches marbled brownies, and 1 batch Emma's wedding cookies.  Thanks to both LOADS for all the help - I'd probably still be baking without them!
280_365 10-08-11

*Internet rabbit holes are when you find yourself wondering how you ended up reading/watching this online after clicking many many many links.... you've gone down an internet rabbit hole.  YouTube is a MAJOR rabbit hole in that you can get lost watching videos for hours and hours.  Pinterest is another where you can get lost pinning things for hours and hours.  

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