22 December 2012

Finishing up the week....finally


The camera club I belong to was asked to mentor some 8th grade students interested in photography this year, and I was one of those that volunteered.  We meet with 3 girls each Wednesday for an hour or two and go over how to use the cameras and photography techniques.  I'm learning as much as I'm teaching.  Carus has decided she wants to learn too so she is tagging along and standing in as a model occasionally.

355_366 12-19-12


I've signed up to start working at the hospital about twice a month or so.  I'll get to train on some projects that I've been wanting to work on, and I'll get out of the house occasionally.  I enjoy my lack of commute and the fact that I can work in my sweats, but sometimes it's nice to dress up and feel professional.  This was my first week.  When I went to lunch, I noticed this mural painted in the stairwell, which made me smile. It's very pretty.

356_366 12-20-12

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