16 December 2012



We were surprised Saturday morning when it started snowing.  We didn't get any more than this dusting, and it quickly melted.  The news usually makes a HUGE deal when we are expecting any kind of storm, especially a snow storm, but not this time - or at least we missed it.  It's good that it didn't last though because I had friends over for a crafting day.  I worked on my mystery quilt and got half of the top put together.

351_366 12-15-12 copy

My Christmas carolers (from Granny) and Christmas tree light reflections.
352_366 12-16-12 copy

It looks like it might be my turn to get sick. I woke up with a sore throat, my head has been pounding all day and I'm so exhausted and cold. I don't have a fever (yet) and I hope it ends tonight with the Nyquil I'll be taking before bed.  And hopefully it ends with me and doesn't try to make the rounds again (or get Carus fully sick instead of just feeling a bit poorly).

We have a storm coming in tonight and into tomorrow.  In fact, it's already here.  Lots of rain and high wind expected. I've had to escort the dog out to go potty (freaking chicken dog) and I got quite wet, though I had an umbrella.  We've lost power once this evening already, just for a few minutes, and I was thankful it came back on because dinner was about 20 minutes (pork chops and scalloped potatoes and the raw pork needed that 20 minutes) away from being done.  As soon as it came back on, I turned the oven up another 50 degrees hoping that I could get it done before it went out again (if it goes out again).

I just took it out of the oven so as soon as our cell phones are all charged up (just in case) and the house is warmed up more (just in case), the power can go out again. I'm not sure if I want it to be back on in time for work tomorrow or not . . .

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