18 December 2012

Carus's first band concert

354_366 12-18-12

This evening was Carus's first band concert.  She was in the back so we couldn't see her too well.  Yay for my zoom lens. She is playing the trumpet now, and enjoying it.  The beginner band is doing pretty good.

12-18-12 (2)

We woke up this morning to a light dusting of snow that quickly melted only for it to start snowing about the time for the kids to head to school.

All day today, it would snow until there was a light covering and it would stop, melt, and start snowing again.

12-18-12 (20) copy

Drip drip drip

Little puddle in the yard.

12-18-12 (44) copy

The neighborhood little birdies were very active with the snow. I tossed some bird seed out for them and they distracted me from work a bit.

12-18-12 (97) copy

Yum! This photo cracks me up.

12-18-12 (134) copy

During one of the melts, the little birds took a bath in the little puddle.

12-18-12 (156) copy

Cute and distracting little birds.

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