12 December 2012

'tis the season

'tis the season for for colds.

Robert is sick-y (head cold) and Carus complained of feeling icky this morning too.  Though I suspect it was because she didn't want to get out of her comfortable, warm bed and go to school.  She didn't have a fever and wasn't actively vomiting so I sent her to school with instructions to call me if she needed to come home.

She didn't.

Robert says that EVERYONE at work has the plague, so he's not really surprised he came down with something.  He'll be going to bed early and maybe I'll make him stay home tomorrow...

Hopefully my headache is unrelated to a cold and I'm not getting sick too.  I've been taking Emergen-C daily and will be taking some Nyquil tonight to knock myself out - my go-to plan to stop a cold from fully manifesting.  It works pretty well too.

It's good luck that the menu had homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner tonight.  Another really good cold treatment, in my opinion.  I use plenty of fresh garlic and even sneak in a little ginger, which are both good for colds.

In other news, before I forget to share AGAIN!

Carus has fully transferred to the trumpet in band after having too much trouble getting sound out of a flute and some problems when trying the clarinet.  She says she is loving the trumpet.  Her first band concert is next Tuesday.  I'm excited to watch and hear her play.  Because she is borrowing the instrument from the school and the particular instrument has a stuck on mouthpiece (if she sticks with it we'll buy her one of her own, but they're too expensive to buy if she isn't going to play for awhile) she hasn't been able to bring it home yet.

Adam is doing great in band himself.  Last month a special permission slip was sent home asking if it was okay if he was considered for Honor's Band.  We gave permission and he tried for it....and got it!  In January, he'll get to miss a full day of classes as he goes practice and learn with the rest of the Honor Band.  That is on a Friday.  He'll then go back to practice on Saturday and then Saturday evening there will be a concert. I'm excited for that too.  If I understand correctly, Adam is the ONLY middle school trombone player... or something.  It boils down to - he is really good.


Playing with my tea - trying to capture a drip and resulting ripples.

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