28 December 2012

Title smitle

Sometimes titles for blog posts come to me easily, but more often they don't and I resort to using similar ones or just using the number of my 365/366. I feel like I'm lacking in the creativity department there....


This evening Robert was tossing a cardboard ring for Leia, and she was jumping and catching it.  She loves to play catch/fetch and will play for hours and hours and long past the point that you are done throwing for her. It looks like she is dancing.

364_366 12-28-12

Robert got me a flash for my camera for Christmas (Nikon SB400).  It helped with getting Leia in action.

So, I'm on 364 of my 366 and if you do the math you'll notice that's not right; it's supposed to be 363 and because of it, I'll finish the year with 367 numbered photos.  When I realized my numbering was off a little over a week ago I went back over my photos and I found where I made a mistake.  It is all the waaaayyyy back in May.  I took two photos on one day and numbered both consecutively.

I don't want to go back and renumber all of the photos following it, or the coinciding blog posts so I'm going to leave it alone.

One (missed) mistake over the year (I made more, but caught them before "damage" was done) is a lot better than last years many, many mistakes.  I think I ended last year being nearly a week off in numbers.  That is embarrassing.  I mean, how hard is it to number photos and keep it all in order.  Gah! Surprisingly, hard enough.

This also brings me to next year.

Do I want to continue with a 365 (no leap year) or do I want to try something else?  Maybe a weekly photo?  Or themed based photos?  My original intent of starting the 365 was not only to document our lives throughout the year, but also learn to use my camera better so I could take better photos.  This year, when using my camera(s), I've shot EXCLUSIVELY in manual mode where I had control over every setting and I'm pretty proud of that.  I've learnt a lot about my camera.  But, now what....  I want to continue to challenge myself and to continue to improve, but I'm not sure how I want to go about it...

What do you think?  Comment here or contact me via e-mail, text message, or phone call and let me know.

Do you want to see another 365 in 2013?
Do you want a weekly photo?

Or, maybe a 365 with a theme photoshoot thing once a month?  Hmm, I kind of like that idea...

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  1. Hey there,I really love to see the 365. Its pretty cool and you have such a great variety of photos.So this is my input, Whatever you decide i am sure it will all be good. Thanks for sharing all of your photos in the past. You really have some talent. BV


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