04 December 2012

Late fall


Last week I ended up using my phone and Instagram to capture all of my 366s, which was completely lazy of me.  The point of my 365/366 project is to get to know my camera really well.  And so I'm making a point of all most my photos this week are from my camera.

There was a break in the rain (we are having a lot of rain lately) around my lunch break so I stepped outside to walk around the backyard and see what there was to see.  The break didn't last long, I was outside for perhaps 2 minutes before it started drizzling again and never once did I see blue sky.

The trees have lost most of their leaves, but here and there are a few clumps of stragglers.  The color isn't great anymore, but when the light shines through and you can see all the veins of the leaf it is interesting to look at.
340_366 12-04-12 copy

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