13 December 2012

Happy Hot Chocolate day!


I read somewhere earlier today that it was National Hot Chocolate day.  I'm not sure who decided that hot chocolate needed a holiday, or that it should be today, but I'm okay with having an excuse to have some hot chocolate just because.  The kids were okay with it too.  I made some for all of us, but was the only one that had marshmallows   Apparently my family is weird.

349_366 12-13-12

Robert stayed home sick today, but he looks like he is doing better.  Carus woke with a stuffed up nose, but no fever and still insisted on going to school and I let her.  Adam is not sick, or stuffy.  All those times he was sick as a baby has given him one hell of an immune system.

I'm not feeling 100%, but I don't feel sick either.  I might just be bummed from the lack of sunshine lately and the fact that there are a million things I need to do, a billion things I want to do, and not enough time to do either.  This week/month/year is going too fast.

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  1. I think National Hot Chocolate day is really cool, Its warm and wonderful!! Thanks for sharing BV


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