22 December 2012

7 days has returned!

7 Days Winter run has started.

7 Days is a group of people on Flickr that get together and post self portraits for a week about 4 times a year. We comment on each other's photos and get to know people, not only from all over the country, but all over the world. Here are my posts from previous runs.


7 Days, day 1

Watching TV by Christmas tree lights.

357_366 12-21-12

7 Days, day 2

Making cinnamon rolls.  I used Pioneer Woman's recipe for the rolls (with less butter and a combination of brown sugar and regular sugar for the filling) and browned butter frosting recipe from Michele, a friend I made through 7 Days, with orange extract added.

The recipe makes A LOT.  Some are for us for Christmas morning breakfast, and some are being given to neighbors who are awesome.

358_366 12-22-12  7days 2

Now I'm off to catch up on commenting on 7 days photos and relax for a bit - it's been a long week!

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