31 October 2013

Happy Halloween

I made the costumes this year.

Well, I made Carus's costume and Adam's cloak.  I'm not sure you can count his as a costume - we are though.

I finished it this morning just in time for him to wear it to school, which he did.  And apparently he received tons of compliments and many people asked where they could get one like it.  I'm very happy with the fabric.  I'd like to go get some more while it's on sale for 50% off ($6.49 versus normal $12.99/yard).  It's a black velour and it's soft and heavy and I bet it will keep him warm.  He and Robert have plans to coat it with some waterproofing spray because he wants to wear it all the time.  

10-31-13 (3) copy

Carus is a dead bride.  She told me how she wanted her skirt and shirt and I made it.  I used the pattern from her princess costume a couple years ago cutting it shirt length and then adjusting it to be more form fitting to her.  Then, instead of putting a zipper in like the pattern instructed, I put in buttons and loops.  The buttons are fabric covered buttons Carus and I made ourselves.
10-31-13 (8) copy

Adam and Robert stayed home to play video games and hand out candy to the few trick-or-treaters we get (less than 10) and Carus and I went out.  The weather was great for Halloween.  Cool, but not very cold, and dry.

As for my 365s, I have the photos and I will update them soon...hopefully. 

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  1. Very nice costumes kids. Love you BV


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