15 October 2013

Little hummingbirds

It was gorgeous again yesterday with blue skies and a bright sun.  And I was stuck inside working.  It's days like this that make me wish my work computer was portable enough to pull outside on the porch and work in the sunshine.  Robert says he can make this happen for me; we'll see though.

After work I went outside to soak up any remaining sun as it quickly set behind the not too distant hills, and took pictures of how the backyard is adjusting to fall.

Of the freshly fallen leaves and Leia playing.

10-14-13 (1)

Of the brightly colored leaves still on the tree.

10-14-13 (2) copy

10-14-13 (4) copy

Of the one of the final sunflowers in my garden.

10-14-13 (8) copy

Of the last rays of sun.

10-14-13 (5) copy

And then I paused and tossed the ball for Leia once or twice, when I heard them.  The hummingbirds in the tree in the neighbors yard directly behind ours.

287_365 10-14-13

They were buzzing around, speeding from tree to tree and chirping to each other.  I think there are only two but there could be more.  I believe they've been around all year too.

10-14-13 (20) copy

They are shy little guys that always run from the hummingbird feeder the moment they see me (and my camera).  I do love my zoom lens; I stood close to the back fence hoping they would continue to frequent that branch.

Hummingbirds always make me smile. They make me think of my Granny and watching the visitors to her feeders, and that makes me smile too.

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  1. This is so well written,Like all your Blogs,You really have talent. Beautiful pictures dear. Thanks for sharing. BV


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