12 October 2013

A week in Instagram

279/365 - Yoda curled up next to Adam
279_365 10-06-13

280/365 Feeling cute - work bathroom selfie.
280_365 10-07-13

281/365 A favorite evening - watching shows with Robert and editing pics.
281_365 10-08-13

282/365 View while grilling dinner. The door was open for the dogs playing revolving door.

282_365 10-09-13

283/365 Becca does a sleep study:  My room for the night.  I did it because Robert thinks I snore and that I have sleep apnea.

283_365 10-10-13

The sleep study went well, I guess.  I slept. I didn't sleep better than usual; possibly a bit worse since I kept getting tangled up in the wires. I do not like having wires and breathing monitors on my face.  It was also very weird to think that I was being taped while I slept.  My legs, for some odd reason, feel like I walked a few miles which is weird and I have no idea what to make of it.  Also, I might be getting sick and I'm feeling grumpy and bitchy and the whining may or may not be related to that or the sleep study.  Basically, I was taken out of my comfort zone with the study and I'm not too happy about it.  Moving on...

284/365 Are you comfy, Yoda?
284_365 10-11-13

I'll try to pull my actual camera out next week - and I'll probably be finishing the year in weekly posts or not at all - I don't know.  Whatever I end up doing.  I have the desire to be more to find the inspiration...

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