06 October 2013

The Almost Final 7 Days

7 days had their fall run, and their second to last run, in September.  It started 7 years ago, and has been fun so it's being ended on a high note. I wish I had found it sooner.  It is a fun group of people participating all over the world.  Hopefully I can stay in touch with them through Facebook and Twitter and such.

All my other 7 Days posts are here.

Carus and I participated in the Chalk Art Festival even though it was supposed to rain all day that day.  It stayed dry until late afternoon with a few sprinkles around noon, which happened to be when we finished our big pink bunny.
Carus and my chalk art festival 2013 contribution

After the festival we chalked her hair.  It looked great, but the chalk dusted off EVERY where... it didn't really stain anything but it wasn't practical not letting her sit on furniture and all so we went and got some colored hairspray which works better (though doesn't last that long).  We don't want to use chemical hair dye on her hair yet...

264_365 First day of the last #7days run. I chalked colored Carus's hair after a morning at The Chalk Art Festival. #7days1

Everyone was feeling crummy so I made homemade chicken noodle soup.  It was good, though we did continue to fight the crummies for the rest of the week.

265_365 Making chicken noodle soup cause I have a house full of sickies (me too) #7days #7days2
I finally finished the wedding photos and uploaded them to PASS.   Check out my Facebook business page for a few of those pictures, and the PASS link while it's still up.
266_365 Just uploaded the images from the wedding I photographed earlier this month. #7days #7days3

Robert was playing a game with my brother Bud online and Bud got ice cream - so Robert went and got us ice cream.  It also helped the feeling crummy.

267_365 Ice cream time #7days #7days4
Trying a new recipe for Gyros. (To copy a local restaurants gyros.)  The chicken marinade was missing something, but I did get the tzatziki sauce so YAY.

268_365 Trying a new recipe, making gyros. #7days #7days5 #whatsfordinner

Sunflower in my garden.
269_365 Sunflower #7days #7days6

Adam was playing in the band at the football game so Carus and I went to watch the game.  I watched the game and she hung out with her friends.
270_365 Carus and I at the local high school football game. Adam is playing in the band tonight. #7days #7days7

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