18 April 2011


Adam's little ingrown toenail surgery went well. The doctor was super nice and joked and teased all of us the entire time. Including a really good one about toe-fu. I think it helped distract Adam a bit from the pain. The only pain he had was from the injections of the anesthetic that numbed his toes. Tomorrow I'm sure he will be a little more sore though.

In the exam room he had these 2 soda can planes hanging up. Made for him by an old patient of his. How many cans do you think it took to make one of those planes?

04-18-11 001

04-18-11 002

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109_365 - Carus post soccer practice.
109_365 04-18-11

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While taking a few pictures of her Carus started swinging her water bottle around. I thought it was pretty cool that I caught the water drops.
04-18-11 011

04-18-11 012

04-18-11 013

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