12 April 2011


96_365 Carus has found her medium - chalk. Our driveway is covered with drawings, and Oregon is helping her by cleansing her canvas often.
96_365 04-05-11

97_365 My camilla is blooming.
97_365 04-06-11

98_365 The bluebird of the neighborhood. He's pretty camera shy, but I'm determined to get some good pictures of him.
98_365 04-07-11

99_365 Adam with his hair done up for crazy hair day at school, and giving me a goofy pose.
99_365 04-08-11

100_365 Carus in her soccer game.  They didn't win this game either, the other team had enough players for 2 teams so they didn't tire out as quickly as ours.  It was a GREAT game, the score 3 to 6.

Man, I love this photo.
100_365 04-09-11

101_365 Adam making salsa for dinner.
101_365 04-10-11

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  1. that boy and girl sure are growing up fast. I am amazed at how much I am missing. I need to get the aliens out here motivated to pick up your house and town and transplant it not too far from me...


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