17 April 2011

Another week in 365s

102/365 - Pretty flowers. Don't remember the name of them. They aren't daisies, but look a lot like them. (Update: They are called Seneti, had to look at the tag from the nursery. Besides these magenta and white, I also have a blue and white and all magenta)
102_365 04-11-11

103/365 - Adam has taken up archery with a homemade bow and arrow.
103_365 04-12-11

104/365 - Told ya I'd get another shot of that bluebird! He is sitting on top of the snowball bush.
104_365 04-13-11

105/365 - Timmy watching Adam create his Mii on the Wii.
105_365 04-14-11

106/365 - Yay Friday! A friend came over and we had some wine.  Tisdale was good, David Hill was good (and local) and Ardiri (also local) didn't get popped open, but we've tasted it before and it is good too. We saved it for another time.
106_365 04-15-11

107/365 - Failed attempt at a moon shot...someday I will get it. For now, trust me that the moon was pretty.
107_365 04-16-11

108/365 - Neighbor friend's kitten Paxton.
108_365 04-17-11

* * * * * * * * * * *
Adam has had problems with ingrown toenails on his big toes, and lately they've been getting infected and staying that way, so have been extra bothersome. I took him to the doctor last week to see if they could do something and get us some antibiotics. The doc just referred us to a podiatrist for a little surgery where they will remove a bit of his toenail on the side of each toe and then treating the nail bed in a way that the nail won't grow back and then voila - no more ingrown toenails and no more infections (and pain). YAY!  That surgery is tomorrow.

I have problems with them too, as well as at least one of my brothers, my uncle, and my grandfather - apparently we all have the same shaped toes... I keep my in control with pedicures, but maybe I will vote for the procedure too.

* * * * * * * * * * *
This weekend we got Adam a cell phone.  We were going to wait until the fall when he started middle school but I needed a new phone and adding a line for him helped me get one much cheaper. 

He is so happy about it - and right now I can pretty much get him to do anything.

He has free mobile to mobile (all carriers), free nights and weekends, and unlimited text messaging (all excluding hours he is at school). Email me or text me for his number.

* * * * * * * * * * *
Quicky menu list:

Sunday - Steak and salad
Monday - Phil's sub sandwiches
Tuesday - Spaghetti and garlic bread
Wednesday - FFY
Thursday - Beef stroganoff and corn
Friday - FFY
Saturday - Pizza Rolls

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