18 April 2011

Yard projects update

It's finally starting to dry out a bit...just a bit... and Robert is able to get back to work on the retaining wall.

Here it was at the start of the day yesterday, he was just about halfway. The hard clay soil is giving him fits and he has a bit of trouble getting it level enough for the next section...but because he is extremely stubborn and persistent he finally does, adds the sand for the base, tamps it down, and then lays and levels the base stones.

He is pulling out bits of clay that you can mold with. In fact, Carus was molding things with it yesterday.
04-17-11 (2)

The second and third layers of the stone go much quicker since he doesn't have to level those. And here it shows his stopping point yesterday, about three-quarters done with the wall.
04-17-11 (12)

While he was working on the wall, I was prepping for the next project. We want to extend the grass in the backyard and are leaning towards laying sod (although we might just put down some seed) so I loosened the soil where we are planning on having grass.  This project will only take a day once we decide sod or seed and get it here... and once we get that wall done. Robert doesn't want to do any more projects until he is done with that wall and that stupid clay dirt is slowing him down.

04-17-11 (1)

Hopefully Oregon will go ahead and continue with some more dry days, or just save the rain for the weekdays when we are working anyways, so we can hurry up and get things done.

Stay tuned for more progress...

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