25 April 2011

Happy Easter

113_365 04-22-11
113/365 - Adam's school has been having spirit days and Friday was "Old School Day" and the kids were to dress up in outfits inspired from the 50s to 90s. He told me this Friday morning, which if I had time to prepare we could have gotten a leather jaket for a 50s greaser look or some hammer pants for the 80s, or a flannel shirt for a 90s grunge look. 

I told him it was too bad that the school dress code would still be somewhat in effect or I could put him in a pair of daddy's pants for the baggy look from the 90s.  To which he replied, "but I wouldn't be able to keep them up."

EXACTLY Adam, exactly the problem from that style choice.  Remember guys walking around like penguins to keep their pants up?! I do, and I still laugh about it.

Anyways, we put him in his baggiest pair of pants, put one of Robert's shirts on him so it would be baggy and told him to wear his cap sideways.  Robert then reminded me about the braided belt that was worn with the tail of it hanging down between the legs, remember that?! I had forgotten!  Unfortunately we didn't have one of those, but I think we got close enough...and the kids got a lesson in the fashion choices of some kids of the 90s.

114_365 04-23-11

114/365 - Carus had another soccer game Saturday and it was bright, sunny, and near 70 degrees. BEAUTIFUL day!

Her team did well, they need to be a little more aggressive. When they are aggressive they score. They lost this game too.

After the game we worked in the yard a bit and from being outside all day Robert and I ended up a little pink.

Sunday was Easter and we had a family dinner with just us.  Good thing too because Carus woke up feeling crummy Sunday morning with a headache and a fever.  After some meds and a nap she felt better though.  For some reason I didn't get pictures of the kids with their Easter baskets, but I did get dinner. Then after dinner the kids and I played some Wii.
Mashed potatoes
Easter dinner

Deviled eggs, normal
Easter dinner

Deviled eggs with pickles
Easter dinner

Carus set the table and insisted on us using the special china glasses.
Easter dinner

Easter dinner

Gramma green beans
Easter dinner

Easter dinner

And for desert - my 365 for today cause it is that good - Peach Crumb Cake
115_365 04-24-11


  1. You really are the most amazing person in the world Rebecca. About the baggy pants thing, they're still doing it. Friday at Walmart I saw two guys with the crotch around their knees.

  2. The peach dessert looks to die for.


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