03 April 2011

I am my mother's daughter

A few weeks ago, my mother was out walking when she tripped and fell, and when trying to catch herself with her arm, broke her arm; both the radius and ulna.  She had to have surgery to place a couple plates and screws and is healing nicely now, albeit slower than she would like.

Why am I telling you about it now?

Um, well because it shows where I get my clumsiness from. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit how clumsy I am, but I suppose it is just how I I confess away!

Which leads me to the newest way I've injured myself. 

This morning as I was leaving to go grocery shopping (WOO fun!!!) and I was going down the front steps, I missed one or two at the bottom, came down funky on my foot and rolled my ankle. Thankfully no one witnessed my fall so the embarrassment is all my own (and now the internets), and after the initial throbbing let up I felt I was okay and I went shopping.  Two hours later I came limping home and put my foot up with an ice pack on it and Robert wrapped it with a bandage. I don't think I broke anything - but it still freaking hurts. I probably sprained it or something. We'll see how it goes...

* * * * * * * * * *

Now for the 365s!
91/365 - Can I come in now?
91_365 03-31-11

92/365 - Yoda watching the neighborhood, waiting for the kids to come home.
92_365 04-01-11

93/365 - Carus's first soccer game was Saturday morning, bright and early.  We had to get up at 7 am on a Saturday morning to get ready and get to it..not too much fun and we will do it again this weekend. But the games are so much fun! She scored the first (and only) goal Saturday, and while her team did lose it was still a great game and the girls played so well.
93_365 04-02-11

94/365 - Even though I was hurt I was determined to follow through on my plans anyways. After shopping and the little rest I gave my ankle, I went to work on this little flower bed on the side of our front yard and driveway. Last year I had petunias in it and it had a black plastic border. We pulled that out and then Robert suggested putting a stone border in. I liked it so much that when he went to get his stones for his retaining wall project I had him pick me up some more of these stones (we have them lining a little flower bed in the backyard too).  Then he helped me get all the weeds and grass out of the bed and put the stones in. Then Carus and I planted some pansies and violas.  I'm going to top it off with some bark mulch, but didn't do that today. 

94_365 04-03-11

* * * * * * * * * *
It's a bit cold and I know the rain will not let up too much for a few months yet, but I'm so happy that spring seems to finally be here.  Grass everywhere is green and growing fast.  Weekends are filled with sounds of lawn mowers and weed eaters. Stores are filled with garden soils, bark mulch, compost, starter plants and seeds, seeds, and more seeds. Trees are blossoming, daffodils and tulips are up and blooming.  Birds have been seen building nests everywhere (including in a neighbor's gutters). Spring, thank you for finally making it to Oregon!

* * * * * * * * * *
Carus might be a bit related to Dr. Seuss.  She decided to use some chalk to color our stone border. It will wash away in the rain that is expected tomorrow - but we are supposed to dry up Wednesday or Thursday this week and stay dry until at least Sunday (hopefully a bit longer).

* * * * * * * * * *

Saturday after getting up super early for the soccer game and doing some yard work I decided I didn't want to cook and Robert took us out to dinner at Mazatlan's (a mexican restaurant), my fave! So the kabobs got moved to the next day.

Menu this week

Sunday - Beef & shrimp kabobs, roasted veggies
Monday - Beef and broccoli
Tuesday - Garbage
Wednesday - Take & bake pizza
Thursday - BBQ chicken legs & thighs, potato salad (?)
Friday - Chicken tacos
Saturday - FFY

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  1. Is that all I will ever be famous for? Mom is a clutz that broke her arm badly? o gracious! You and the boys are just never going to let me live it down that I tripped on a rock or something wearing flip flops to try to walk as fast as Gramma with a big dog on a leash having a conniption outta pure excitement that she was going on a walk? GAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW


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