13 April 2011

ZZZZzzzzzzzzz (dentist drill, not sleeping Zz's)

I started out going to the dentist to see if he could remove my bottom two wisdom teeth which hadn't been out enough to pull when I had the top ones pulled. 

And it ended with me getting a filling.

They took x-rays of my wisdom teeth to see if they where they were sitting and found that I had a cavity. It was hidden between two teeth so it's not/wasn't visible.  Even though it wasn't bothering me the dentist wanted it taken care of because it was close the nerve and he wanted to avoid having to do a root canal. I liked that idea.

I did not like the idea of having a cavity.  Or getting that cavity filled.

I've never had a cavity before.

I've never had a filling before.

So naturally (right?) I was nervous when I went in yesterday.

And then they had trouble getting me numb enough.  Their usual course of anesthetic wasn't enough. Eep, that's a bad sign, right?

But with a little more meds, and a little bit of drooling from me, I was numb enough, and I survived the drilling out of the cavity. (Ugh, that sentence made me cringe.) I then got fitted for my filling and the temporary put in and back to home I went still very very numb.

There's a new experience for ya - attempting to eat (so I could take ibuprofen and Tylenol to avoid the pain when the numbing wore off), drinking (so I could you know, swallow the pills), and uh not drooling all over myself.  Also, I was still working and had to make a couple phone calls, and talk, to, like, people, all professional-like, when I couldn't feel my tongue. 

Now the numbing has worn off and I'm just a little sore and having a heck of a time trying to eat. The temporary filling is interfering with my bite and it's hard to chew. But I'm okay and no longer nervous about having cavities filled.

I am a little sad. No, more like really really bummed out.  I have made it this far in my life with not one single cavity and now my streak is broken.

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  1. I was 32 when I got my first cavity and had no idea what it was so didn't get it taken care of in time> then root canal that the dentist messed up and caused me to have to have a second root canal in the tooth next to the one he messed up, and I ended up losing that first tooth which is why I have a lovely gappy smile now. be super grateful you have a good dentist that found that dirty lil sucker....


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