23 June 2010

Happy birthday to me!

Robert has no patience and because of that I got my birthday present last night - 6 days early!

He says it's because he leaves tomorrow to go to Denver for work, but he will be back Friday evening.

Either way - more fun for me :)

He got me a new lens for my camera:

Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AF

06-22-10Here are a couple pictures I took last night playing around a bit - they are straight out of the camera, no editing done.

They aren't the greatest, but were the best I got last night. It is difficult to get the animals to hold still long enough for me to focus and click the shutter.

And I was doing the focusing on my own, the camera/lens wasn't doing auto focus (like it's supposed to). From what I can find this morning, the autofocus on this lens doesn't work with the D40.

Why? I dunno.

Its probably all a conspiracy to make you spend more money on 'better' lenses or camera bodies...


I got some tips on how to focus better - still doing it manually, but that might be better for me in the long run....

Not sure how to work the f-stops - but hopefully I will find/figure that out soon.

I will be spending my lunch break today forcing the kids to be my models.

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  1. Oh! What a cute pic I forgot your doggies name. Jealous of your new lens!!


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