17 August 2010


Carus's soccer practice started last week and she is doing pretty good with it.

It feels nice sitting outside watching practice again - and soon we will be watching games. It is so exciting.

 First practice started them out with some dribbling drills. Zig Zag through the cones and then back to the start to go again.

Then the girls partnered up and practiced passing, stopping, and passing again. 

Practices are twice a week, an hour each, and at the same field.  The stability of the schedule is soooo nice! 

Isn't she so cute in her cleats, shin guards, and soccer socks!  She's one of the faster girls on the team, which her competitive side really enjoys.

After warm-up today, they did a little scrimmage.  Only 2 of the girls on the team (7 or 8 total, not sure) have played soccer before (other than in PE at school) and the 'game' was pretty good.  Carus's side was the first to score. 

Adam had said he wasn't interested in playing football (American football hardy har har) this year and we didn't push it too hard. 

But, at Carus's first practice he said he wanted to do it. Luckily we didn't miss the cut off and I got him signed up quickly.  We thought it was really good for him last year and thought that it would help with making friends this year because of the move, but still didn't push too hard.

We aren't sure when his practices will be, but expect his games to be on Saturday's.  Carus's games will be on Saturday's as well.  Robert and I will have to split up between the games, which kinda stinks - but we are holding out hope for some good spacing so that we can make at least some of the games together.

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