27 August 2010


11 days until kids are back in school!

I've got them both registered and will be going to the back to school nights (if their sports don't interfere). Normally I feel bad about not being a super awesome mom that doesn't count down until the end of summer (spring, winter) break, but then they start bickering at each other and I don't feel bad anymore.

The patio with a firepit project:  Tree has been cut down and the debris hauled off.  Stump has been removed.  The bigger "problem" roots were dug out.  Now to put in steps up to the patio, which involve digging and leveling and placing 8 foot railroad ties.  And then there's the finding, buying, and placing the stones - we're looking at flagstone. As well as building the firepit, we are were hoping to be done before fall. 

Oregon is throwing fall at us.  Not sure if we'll make our deadline...

We had very few 'summer' days this year with temps over 90. No, scratch that, most days we stayed in the 70s and below.  Weirdest.Summer.Ever.  Now we haven't even made it to September and leaves on trees are starting to change. WHAT THE HELL! I love fall, the colors and cool air and this and that - love it! Not to mention school starts up again. BUT DUDE seriously, already!?!  What is our winter going to be like?

11 days until the kids are back in school!!

Besides work and the regular chores to keep the house livable, presentable, and inhabitants cared for we have SPORTS to keep us busy. 

I really do love the kids sports.  Didn't think I would BUT I DO!

Carus's soccer team got to pick their names and they came up with "The Lightening Bolts".  I love it.  Practice is going good.

Adam's football season is just getting started.  Because they had to wait for insurance to kick in they haven't started practice yet.  BUT....

He has gotten his team and they start practice this week.  Not sure if they have a name or if they go off the college/high school's name? Will find out soon I'm sure.

This week we have:

Monday - Football
Tuesday - Soccer
Wednesday - Football
Thursday - Football and Soccer.
Friday - mommy has a drink or 2

11 days until the kids are back in school!!

Now enjoy a picture of the puggy running on the beach.

Yoda likes the beach. 

I'm gonna miss summer.  Wait, I already do...

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