02 December 2013

New Laptop!

Hello from New Laptop.

New Laptop is nice and shiny and pretty.  Sometimes the keys stick though - which may be because it's new so I'm not going to be mad at New Laptop yet.


New Laptop came pre-loaded with Windows 8. Robert HATES Windows 8.  When I'm playing on New Laptop and Robert notices, he starts mumbling about Windows 8 and how horrible it is.  It's a little amusing.  He is very insistent that he can replace it with Windows 7 in no time, but I'm being stubborn in insisting trying out Windows 8 first.  I'm trying out/hanging onto Windows 8 because I really didn't think I would mind it (and so far I don't really mind it) and partly because I didn't want to wait for sweet beautiful full internet usage again.

And now mostly I'm hanging onto it (because I don't care either way) because it annoys him and guarantees he doesn't try to take my shiny New Laptop.  Not that he really would as he loves His Computer, but I'm feeling possessive of New Laptop.

But enough with amusing myself.  Well, at the end of this week.  I don't NEED Windows 8, and a few software programs I have might not be compatible with it anyways (haven't checked yet) and I'll let Robert switch it this weekend.

Maybe ;)

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  1. Awesome for you, Have a great day.BV


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