07 December 2008

We are suckers!

We went shopping for the kids shoes and Adam 'talked' us into getting him a pair of Vans skate shoes. They were originally $50, but were on sale for $40. So, yea, we are can tell a kid is growing up when they start showing their styles.

We didn't get them too big and they are made for getting roughed up so I'm sure he will outgrown them before they wear out...maybe if they are still in good shape we can pass them onto a friend.

Carus's shoes were a bit more of a challange. She just needed dress shoes since her sneakers are still in good shape, but I was unable to find anything in her size, that wasn't ugly, and didn't have a 1 to 2-inch heel on them. COME ON people! They are little girls, they don't need heels on their shoes! So I gave up and passed the task onto gramma and she found some really cute slipper like shoes at Fred Meyers. YAY!

Today, while going through pictures for a Christmas project, I found old pictures of the kids. Check them out on flickr

Our camera sucked buttcheeks then, but you can get the point. Some of the pics would have been amazing if they were of better quality.

Robert is bugging me to come watch Numbers with him, so toodles! :)

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  1. ha ha ha ha sucking butt cheeks. lol!
    the pictures were so cute, it was fun to see them little. what cute little babies!


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